A Post of Mini-Posts

Too much to tell y'all. So let's make this quick and easy. ;p

Birthday Party
Nothing better than a bouncy castle and a pinata. Both firsts for the little guy with the funny face. 

Lake Hike
Perfect time of year to hike by the lake. Yes, we still go when it's muddy or snowing, but this was nature at its best. Peter said it must be Christmas for the frogs -- they were everywhere. Nice to have friends join us for some nature exploration. 

The Tuneables
I believe this is new on the market. I received a copy of the DVD/CD set to watch and review on my blog.

The Tuneables is an animated, music education video for young children. There is a strong focus on rhythm and tone, as well as using your singing voice.

I would recommend this, especially for the very young {ages 2-3} as it has a lot of repetition and simple skills to learn. We enjoyed the song teaching Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti -- lots of practice singing the different tones as well as basic intervals.

The marching band song was engaging and encouraged participation. And children will love the looks of these different instruments who look and are named like people. Snare's hair is the best.

You can watch video segments here on YouTube. Or visit their website.
It may be just what you'd like in your music education library.

Meal Inspiration
When the rain starts to fall and the fireplace beckons. You know you want some baked potato soup with the fixins. 

Not My Child Monday
Upon hearing that we were going to the church to decorate in the children's division, he did not exclaim loudly how much he LOVES decorating and certainly did not ask if he could bring some couch cushions. No way. Not him.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Grandparents Return
They were gone a long time. Two very excited grandkids gave big hugs. We're thankful they are home. :) 

Big production in the backyard. Daddy put in after-dark hours last week cranking out through over 200 pounds of apples.
We'll thank him all year. 

Whitman Hike
Another beautiful day for a hike with friends. The sky is so white in this picture. Crazy.

Portrait of a Housewife
How I feel tonight.
Over and out. =)