Invite a Friend | Day Three

There is something powerful about having a friend. We feel connected to someone who wants to spend time with us, who wants to play with us. A friend will do what we want to do, enjoying fun things together. A friend will say silly things to make us laugh and lay on the grass giggling.

Children need friends.

Some say that parents and siblings are all children need until around age seven. In my experience, with my children -- I disagree.

Mom can’t play chase as long as another three-year-old. Brother doesn’t understand four-year-old humor. Friends fill that need for companionship and relationship that even the youngest child craves.

A friend will race you down the slide.
A friend will splash in the water with you.
A friend will play chase and tickle.
A friend will pretend to be a firefighter with you.
A friend will give you a you-sized hug.

Friends are special. Happy children have special friends.

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