Sing Together | Day Four

“Life is a song - sing it.” Sai Baba

Sing to your child. Sing with your child. Sing about your child. Sing about your french toast. Just sing.

What a difference a little melody can make! I have found myself singing my requests, when I’d otherwise be yelling them -- “do up your seat belt, before my little feet melt”. It helps. The kids start singing back to me, making up rhymes, and the mood lifts.

We sing 99 Bottles of Milk on the Wall on a long drive home.
We sing You Are My Sunshine when it’s time to sleep.
We sing When I Wake Up In the Morning when it’s time to learn.
We sing Hallelu, Hallelu when it’s time to praise.
We sing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt when it’s time to be loud.
And we make up songs when it’s time to be creative.

My oldest has a terrific memory for music -- it’s probably partially genetic, but I’d also like to attribute it to his early exposure to melody and rhythm. He memorized the tune and lyrics to Jingle Bells at age three and can now play simple songs on the piano by ear.

And the little one sings along with his bedtime songs -- Amazing Grace, I Love You Lord and You Are My Sunshine {even the verse about waking up with a pig in your bed}.

Singing bonds a family to each other. Singing makes memories. Singing helps us overcome difficulties. Singing makes us happy.

Happy children SING! =)

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