What to Expect | Day One

Kids like to know what to expect. Will they see friends today? Will they have to ride in the shopping cart? Is there going to be a new gymnastics teacher?

It’s human nature -- typically, we don’t like surprises. Little people, who are still learning the ropes and are easily overwhelmed, are even more afraid of the unknown, generally. So -- it’s only fair that we clue them in, have little chats about what they can expect, and let them know what we expect.

I have an extroverted child, with quite a bit of energy. He loves to play with friends. When I make plans to see friends and tell him about the plan, I have noticed his behavior shift from crazy, out-of-control silly to calmer and more focused. He understands that soon his needs will be met. He will survive. So he calms down.

Before the first day of school, we had a count-down -- 10 more days until school starts, 9 more days...and I think this helped prepare him mentally for success in a new, sometimes scary environment. We’ve talked about how the morning will go at preschool, what he will be expected to do -- we’ve even role-played possible conversations with new friends.

It’s being prepared, being aware. It gives us the confidence we need to tackle something new.

There’s a whole book series for adults on “What to Expect”. Shouldn’t we give children this gift also?


And you’re probably wondering what you can expect from my 31 Days Series. :)

I’ll tell you.

My reasons for writing this series include:
--documenting what I’ve learned while raising my two boys
--giving you tools to help you raise happy children
--giving my writing skills a little practice

You can expect 31 posts, one for each day of this month. I will be writing about everything from sleep to values to spontaneous adventures. Thirty-one ways you can help your children be happy. I probably won’t write about ice cream. At least it’s not on the schedule.

What do I expect from you? I hope you do more than skim. I hope you read. I hope you digest. I hope you take notes and put things into practice, if you haven’t already. I hope you comment. I hope you share with friends. I hope you enjoy.

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