Christmas Card Time

It's raining. The kids are taking a nap. I feel like a mama bear tucked inside my warm den.

The leaves have almost finished falling, leaving bare twigs and branches. I don't remember seasons ever passing as quickly as they have this year. Spring, no summer, no fall, no...I think it's winter again already. Will life slow down again or does this ride only race on faster and faster?

Racing right on toward Christmas, which is looking to be very exciting and full of fun times...and you know what the holiday season brings? Christmas cards! Oh yes. Oh boy.

This year, we hope to take pictures in the snow again. Remember last year's photo shoot? Wowie. Maybe that has been awhile.
November 2010

This year I have some great ideas for photo shoots {thank you Pinterest}. Want to see?? 
Thank you Meadowbrook Farm and A Bryan Photo for the inspiration!

A couple candy canes and a garland, a trusty tripod and a trip to the mountains, and then we get to choose which design will showcase our photos best. Which of these three would you choose?? Tiny Prints has so many options -- I didn't even look at them all. I love the new circle ornament design. Cool, right? If everyone did that, we'd have a tree full of friendly smiles! But I'm leaning toward the last design, only because it allows for six photos instead of one. :)

Click on any of these cards to see the design on the Tiny Prints website and personalize with your own photos!

Maybe I'll even have a moment to get my header in the right season -- can't have half naked babies up there anymore... ;)

Happy holidays everyone!!