Dearest Housewife

How would you describe yourself today?
Organizing junkie, rushed crafter, silly monkey puppeteer.  

What are you thankful for? 
Thankful that my husband did plenty of cooking and cleaning today. Happy watching the kids play hide and seek with daddy. Happy in the Christmas light glow.

What are you doing right now? 
Wishing I had more time to read, catching up on email, cleaning off my desktop, thinking about future blog content, looking forward to an episode of Survivor, getting ready to hit my pillow.

What have you learned this week?
That balance is so so so so important. That I need to let my husband do things his way and micro-manage less. That my internal dialogue is they didn't hear me say that. That giving the children plenty of warning and giving them a say in making decisions helps them obey so much more readily. That I really need to give myself a break. That making conversation is still really hard for me and maybe making a list of nice things to ask people might help. That I only need two meals this time of year {yikes}. That I like things with pumpkin a lot more than my husband.

What do you love love love about this time of the year?
The glow of white Christmas lights {not LED}. The smell of butternut squash roasting. The smell of pretty much anything roasting. The intention people put toward being kind and being thankful. The long dark quiet evenings. The brisk air. The candlelight. The concerts. The children singing Christmas carols. The anticipation.

What makes your eyelids twitch?
The fact that I don't have a plethora of photographs to share right now. The sad state of my weary body, still sore from the Thanksgiving 5K. Thinking about the coming week.