Enthusiasm, or not.

Somebody forgot to tell my eldest this morning that his mother blogs about happy kids. And how much we love outdoor adventures. He was neither happy nor enjoying the outdoors this morning. Wrong hat. Itchy foot. Too cold. Tired legs.

And I wasn't super sympathetic. More peeved. You will enjoy this! This is good for us! Outdoor play will make us happier! 
The younger one had plenty of smiles and giggles, finding sticks to pretend with and playing hide and seek in the tall grasses. Eventually Peter caught some of his enthusiasm as we listened for birds and tried to mimic the chickadee. 
We won't always want to do the things that are for our good. It might take some trying.
It's usually the last half of a workout that feels the best.
The effort is always worthwhile, even when we sometimes feel like giving up. We won't give up. We'll keep doing what we know makes us happy. Even when it's not instantly gratifying. Even when the cold nips our noses.
And eventually, at least one of us will have a screamin' good time.
We're currently in that in-between stage -- somewhere between "can't-believe-summer-is-already-gone" and "why-were-we-wishing-for-winter?" Peter might want to take back all his yearnings for cooler weather. I told him today that he'll need to learn to adjust to the temps...cause we won't be staying inside all winter. No siree. Gotta embrace what we get.
What are you going to do today, that you know is for your good, but might take some trying? Just do it!