Friday Finds

Not much time to jot this down, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you this Friday. :)

Ann's beautiful and hard words speaking to thanksgiving for it all
, even the difficult...because He knows. "To thank God in all is to bend the knee in allegiance to God Who alone knows all."

Kelle's words reminding me that we can make holidays meaningful, even if they aren't what we thought they would be like. Cause now I feel like I have to be the holiday matriarch. And it's not always like Grandma does it. But I'm baking a pie and throwing up some lights. Doing my best.

Thinking about going out on the road in a few weeks and what help these ideas might be. I like the car/road and the crayon idea the best.

You know I always answer "fine" when asked how I'm doing. But I like how the Gypsy Mama turns it all around..."[She] gives me friendship instead of fine. She gives me freedom to share my washer-packed-up, toilet-backed-up, kids-all-been-sick-all-week, sometimes-I-think-I’m-losing-my-mind, opposite-of-fine answers too."

I hope you're fine. I hope your pie turned out tasty. I hope you praise God even if you're not and it didn't.

I hope I remember that too. Because look what beauty He created for us!