Friday Finds

A quick share of my favorite things this week. Think of it as a "pinning" to my blog, if you will. Because not all of these links are "pinnable". Oh the things we have concocted in this day and age. {I love Pinterest, but I imagine my grandparents might shake their heads...} 

So. Want to bake an apple pie? This is a comprehensive tutorial -- very easy for us beginners in the kitchen to follow. I haven't tried the recipe yet, but it looks promising. I like the idea of using maple syrup as a natural sweetener. Want to see if it works and let me know? :)
Let's Bake an Apple Pie from Simple Bites
Next up is a list -- 40 outdoor activities to do even when it's cold outside. No hibernating allowed this winter. :)
40 Things to Do Outside With Your Family Rather Than Hibernate from 4Tunate
Have you been following the Compassion bloggers who are in Ecuador right now? I just love seeing their pictures and hearing their stories and getting that glimpse of life outside our small town/state/country/hemisphere. It's inspirational. Ann Voskamp is there, with her husband, writing {of course} powerful words that speak truth to me. I love how she tells the story of her husband, the pig farmer, meeting a soul mate in Ecuador. 
Because God Really Knows How to Meet Needs from A Holy Experience
It's a fun time of year for gift-giving and spreading happiness. I'd love to jump on this all about the Happy Day Project and get inspired with her cute printables and terrific ideas to spread joy.
The Happy Day Project from Joy's Hope
My home would look much more rustic if I were able to handpick and decorate to my heart's content. Did you see the tree branch curtain rod on Pinterest? Yeah. That's me. With lots of white and blue. And wood. So naturally, these milk crates caught my eye for toy or clothes storage.
Lovely Milk Crates from Life Chasers
I've done this a couple times with Peter, but not hardly often enough. Please remind me, k? It's called dictating their stories. They talk, you write. Seems like Peter told a story about a donkey and a motorcycle...a long long time ago. :) So yes, more of this soon.
Taking Dictation: Crafting Stories With Young Kids from Simple Kids
I've been loving the comments from new readers, coming to read my 31 Days to Happier Children series. Welcome! And just in case you wanted one more great article to read... ;)
10 Little Things Good Parents Do from Todays Parent
I can relate to Kelle Hampton as she talks about her childhood -- homeschooled, not a huge posse of friends... And I really appreciate and will be referring back to her friendship tips, like remembering the little details. I'm still learning how to be a friend.
Friend I Want to Be from Enjoying the Small Things
And how many times have I prayed very general prayers, like "be with my family" or "help my kids to understand your love". But my blogger friend Hill helped me understand the purpose of specific prayer. She says "I think that He wants us to pray specifically so that when He answers that request, we know that it is from Him. And nothing else. And no one else. But from Him. And Him alone. So that He may get the glory. Because He gives specifically and He gives generously." That makes sense to me. Read the rest of her post...
Praying Specifically from Capturing Motherhood
And just in case some of you are craftier than I and have an excess of paper cups...check out this elegant {I think!} looking wreath! From far away I bet you couldn't tell what it is made of!
Paper Cup Wreath from Twig and Thistle
And last up, a video {yay I made a list of eleven things on 11/11/11!!} -- I love her voice and this version of her song.