Bokeh and Beasts

I got a new lens for Christmas. The Canon 50mm that goes down to an f-stop of 1.8. I'm so amateur still, but it's fun to have more options. I'm not sure if I'll use this lens all the time, or just for special situations. I'm still experimenting with it. But I was able to get some bokeh! Help me out here, could I have changed my settings at all to get an even better photo?
ISO speed: 800, focal length: 50mm, aperture: f/3.5, shutter speed: 1/80th of a second

With such a low f-stop number, it can be really hard to get the right things in focus. I might have to try manual focus a time or two. But seriously -- I have kids! That typically don't stay this still.

Thank you honey for my fun new toy. :)

And thanks for capturing my starring role as donkey in The Friendly Beasts. The kids laughed and laughed.