Friday Finds

Tonight's theme -- simple. peace. joy. It's time for me to slow down, think, read, ponder, and find truth after a harried week of struggling just to get physical rest.

Steady Mom writes, "Choose peace over productivity." I'm there. Ready to write only one thing on my to do list. And it might be [take a nap]. Seriously. I want to learn how to get the essentials accomplished without getting into that unpeaceful "gotta-get-er-done" mode.

Kyce at Old Recipe for a New World writes, speaking of embracing the short days this time of year, "To not turn away too quickly from the darkness, but to give thanks for it, for the way it turns us inward and brightens our spirits." Mmm...yes. It is a thoughtful time of year. Time to re-assess priorities and systems and look deep for simple truths to direct us.

Leilani shares their simple and small this year and all of it just sounds so nice. Singing carols, reading together. Joyous. Family.

Renee sends me on that inner truth journey saying things like "I fear the inevitable loss of joy" and "I also hold back from releasing myself with abandon to joy-filled living because I'm insecure". I resonate. I especially love that she hears from God in the snowy wilderness while skiing.

And a quick reminder to be OK with imperfect. Oh how I need to hear that. Everyday. Tsh says, "Christmas isn’t about perfection. It’s celebrating the One who saved us from our impossible need to be perfect." Wow. I'll be thinking on that tonight. Thank you Jesus.