Nativity Favorites

For Unto Us A Child Is Born by VeggieTales on Grooveshark

While you listen to my favorite song of the season, would you like to read about some of our favorite books to enjoy this time of year? They all focus on the Savior's birth. Something we are doing our best to teach to the little minds entrusted to us.

Two from Galilee is a piece of fiction, written quite a while ago really {reprinted in 1982}, but completely engaging to read. Marjorie Holmes includes culturally appropriate details and heart-tugging emotions that make this story come alive. Without a lot of Biblical documentation, we really don't know what Mary and Joseph would have been like, how they must have felt about each other, or how their parents enter into the picture, but we can certainly imagine. Marjorie does just that. And her work has me staying up just a bit past my bedtime...

The Little Shepherd Girl is a gem, with an interesting tale and beautiful illustrations. The little girl, oldest of a family of sisters, begs her father to be allowed out with the others, to tend the flocks by night. He finally says yes and it is that night that the angels come. She is somehow first to see the baby Jesus. The night is beautiful, surrounded by animals and adoring shepherds. The fictional story sends the message that all children, boys and girls, are invited to see Jesus. All are special to Him.

Humphrey's First Christmas is hilarious. The story line, the illustrations showing that camel's silly face... But then, as the wise men discover the baby Jesus, the mood softens and Humphrey kneels, giving up his newly-acquired carpet blanket and feeling a sense of awe and wonder at this Savior-babe. Fun story. :)

The Crippled Lamb is a sweet sweet story about a little lamb who can't go out with the rest of the sheep to new meadows. He feels so alone and sad. But then, one night he is awakened by sounds of a baby in the manger and seeing that the babe is cold, curls up beside to warm Him up. A story of Jesus' care and concern for all.

Come and See is a lyrical, somewhat repetitive, but yet very pleasing invitation to all to come and see the babe lying in the manger. Shepherds, wise men, townspeople, visitors -- all are invited to feast and dance and celebrate the boy child's birth.
Lovely illustrations. Beautiful book.