Favorite Fabric

Ok. So I felt my soul come alive this afternoon. You know how important it is for mom to do something she loves every now and again, right? Whether it be a hard run, a night at the symphony, or an afternoon with a sewing machine and gorgeously soft fabric. Oh, the blues and reds had me swooning today. And the finished product? You might have to yank it out of my hands. It's beautiful.

I have a few things to finish up on it. Hopefully tonight. I'll share a final product photo soon!

You really must thank my two dear beautiful children for playing so nicely while I sewed. Ezra even helped me with the pedal -- waiting until I said "GO!" and almost always stopping at the edge of the fabric. He loved it. Peter designed a grocery store in the living room, complete with conveyor belt, scanner, radio {in case of a drive thru customer} and items available for purchase. I think his creative needs were met today too.

Happy. Happy. Happy.