One Thousand Gifts | 1.20

And as the freezing rain continues to fall, it's obvious I'm thankful that our car is parked inside the garage, that my husband is home and no longer stuck in a hotel far from us, and that we still have heat and power. I'm thankful that my boys pretend played happily long enough for me to cut out all the fabric for my two in-the-works quilts, oh so pretty. And it feels so nice to have a clean kitchen, still-clean-bathrooms-after-two-days {hooray!}, and clean floors. I know it won't last, but I am greatly enjoying it. 

Better start counting: 
friends that make my boys laugh so hard, so contagiously
Lego, oh such a great hobby
patient two-year-olds who try so hard to help mommy understand what they are saying but she just can't {this time it was "battery"}
new realizations about grace, so needed in my life right now {blogging about this soon}
stuck food on the corners of mouths
singing together at bedtime
texts from friends to go sledding
a warm, safe home during the ice storm of 2012
a toddler that is starting to say "OK mommy" instead of throwing huge fits
newly discovered, faster ways to cut fabric
successfully pushing a very heavy shopping cart through slush to the car and laughing about it
Peter saying "now I'm bored" and then making a funny face and my response -- "making funny faces is a great thing to do when you're bored"
homemade chili
so many good things to read
good sleeps after hard bedtimes
foot rubs