{RL} Marathon Mode

One plays Angry Birds on my new phone, while standing on the couch, pantless. The other jumps off the couch with a best friend, saying "I'm one thousand pounds" and "I can jump farther than you!"

We've been in "marathon mode" lately. Cooking marathon on Thursday {two pots of soup, cornbread recipe x5, spanish rice casserole x2, carrot muffin recipe x3}. Noah's Ark marathon last Friday and Sunday and Monday and part of Friday. Vaccinations on Friday. Writing marathon {got my devotional written}. Picaboo marathon yesterday morning {three photobooks!}. And shopping marathons yesterday {REI and TJ Maxx} and today {returns, ooph}.

My last cleaning marathon was too long ago. The bathrooms are the worst.

Maybe my word for the year should have been something about spreading things out, doing a little bit here and a little bit there -- is there a word for that? You know -- doing one load of laundry a day or cleaning one room in the house every day. Eventually the laundry will be done. Eventually the house will be clean. But not all at the same time.

Trouble is, I kinda like the feeling of completion. Actually -- I LOVE it. That's why I'll do whatever is necessary to finish a project. Sometimes at the expense of others. That's tough.

It's definitely time for a kid marathon -- they've been doing without me too much lately. So the scales need to tip in their favor.

And that's that. Real life. Doing my best. Feeling a quilting marathon coming on, but doing my best to squeeze in a game of Chutes and Ladders and get those groceries that I was supposed to buy this morning.

This post needs a picture. Thanks always, Pinterest.