How to Love | Gifts

"A gift is something you can hold in your hand and say, 'Look, he was thinking of me,' or 'she remembered me'".

The language of Gift Giving isn't my strong suit. I have to realllllly think about it. Sometimes something will just jump out at me {like the superhero boxers with lightning bolts all over them I found while shopping at 6:30am}. Perfect. 

I'm much better at getting gifts for myself. lol And usually the gifts I give are things I would choose, things I like. Which works sometimes.....not always. The trick is to know someone well enough to get things they would love. And really -- it's usually the thought that counts.

{I have no idea when he discovered my planted gifts, some of them he probably found yesterday} 

  • he finds the spicy pepper chocolate I hid in the front pocket of his backpack
  • he finds the boxers that I bought him special to wear while he's away from home with the note "be back in a flash, k?"
  • he finds the paper hearts I cut out and hid in his wallet and all over inside his backpack, with little love notes written on them
  • he gets the MP3 love song I bought on Amazon for him

For someone whose love language is receiving gifts, it is crucial that their spouse find ways to give as often as possible. A handful of wildflowers, a photo of yourself for him to take to work, a sweet treat, a favorite album. Sometimes the gift of being present is just as important as tangible things. Read this article for even more giving ideas. 

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson