In Any Language

I've reached the point of too tired to write much more than stream of consciousness. Maybe I'll get more wordsy again tomorrow. I hope. :)

We visited an orphanage yesterday {was that really just a day ago?}.

There were fourteen children between the ages of six and nineteen. There was definitely a contrast between the village children and these children...I'm still searching for the right adjectives.

But the music. Oh the music. Guitar and voices. First, in Somali and Amharic. Super cool melodies. Then we sang in English. One of the teenage boys requested "Father Abraham"! And instead of marching, they kicked legs like Irish dancers. Turn around, sit down -- now we're all sweaty and laughing on the floor.

I sang my heart out, joining their beautiful voices in "Lord I Lift Your Name On High".

And then -- King of Kings and Lord of Lords -- getting faster and faster and faster and louder...the kids had so much fun.

It was very interesting to see their facial expressions...they are just like us. One boy got in trouble for talking and the worship leader separated him from his friend. He had to go sit over by the girls. Then {same boy} his cell phone rang and he had to stand for the rest of the meeting. He made the "oh no am I in trouble" face. And the teenage girls? aaaah...just like teenage girls in America. Disinterested looks on their faces...posture...everything.

We weren't allowed to take pictures here unfortunately, due to security reasons.

So. Cool experience. This is the day that I felt very very tired and homesick. And I didn't get my photo fix. My favorite thing was walking through town and riding in a bajaj. Very fun.

Alex, one of GHNI's local village development guys was a fabulous helper and tour guide.

And I have a bazillion more photos to share of our travels today. Ei-yi-yi. Patience. ;)