One Thousand Gifts | 2.3

{remembering some of the weeks' gifts 289-303}

his super tight neck hugs
hearing Peter say "you're the best mommy ever...I just want to snuggle with you"
helping the two year old eat his bean burrito {what a mess}
watching Ezra wearing his helmet backwards saying "I'm an angry bird!"
husbands who hug and listen
how he says "nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle" {sooo sooooo cute, wish I had video}
golden moments when the kids get along with each other, saying all the right things
watching Ezra ride passenger on the motorcycle for the first time {with nine year old friend, John}
meeting and chatting with new friends
the boys' exuberant flips and somersaults jumping off couches onto mattresses
fun frugal fabric finds ;p
getting to know the other people on my trip team through video conference
hearing that my four year old asked his Grandma to make him brownies. and she did. and we all enjoyed them
time to explore forest areas