This is Megaladi

This is our village. Megaladi. We fell in love with them so fast. They are easy to love. So easy.

They smile fast. They laugh big. They hold hands with us. We have no idea how to talk to each other, but there is love.

Sound it out -- just like it sounds {meg-a-la-dee}. "the i says ee" :)
We showed them pictures of our families, then pulled out a bottle of bubbles {they were soooo excited}, held hands to go visit the diesel generator-powered well pump {more scientific data on that coming soon}, took a bazillion photos and showed them what they look like {and they giggled or turned away embarrassed}, and taught them how to high five {so contagiously fun}.

I've never found relationships to come this easily before. They are happy. They are accepting. They are so affectionate.
They live in very makeshift dwellings made of sticks, mud, animal dung, straw, grass, maybe a cloth or tarp over the top if they can find one.

If I lived under those circumstances, I don't think I would look this beautiful.
See? They love on each other so much. And they laugh out loud. They got a real kick out of seeing the photographs on our display screens. So that's what I look like!! hehe

Yes. You are beautiful.
We love you Megaladi.

We will stand by you as you learn community development. We will listen to your stories and hear what your biggest needs are.

We will team you up with local resources and provide you with a local support network. We will help your children dream dreams and achieve them.

We will partner with you, Megaladi to bring you hope for your future.