{food} No wait. Real Life.

I had a cooking disaster yesterday.

I was totally planning to make these and share the recipe with you today. But I didn't take any pictures of the mess or the final product. I wouldn't have even made it to a final product without my husband's help. I spared you photos of my frustrated face too. What a crazy mess. And the recipe had like four ingredients! Wouldn't that spell "easy" to you? Aaaaah. Next time, I think we'll just cook some fettuccine and make the sauce.

I had another cooking disaster today.

I didn't take photos of the dry and over-baked cupcakes in which I forgot the coconut oil {substitute for butter}. And I won't show you the second batch I made that sunk in the middle and crumbled and tasted really funny. Veganizing what looks to be a delicious recipe {and probably is} is way harder than it looks. I was trying to substitute too many things, I'm afraid. Will I brave another attempt at this recipe?? Maybe. If I get up the courage.

Twenty-four {minus a couple -- yeah, the kids' taste buds aren't as discriminating as mine, I guess} lumps of pseudo cupcakes sit in a bowl on the counter mocking me. And my pizza dough didn't rise tonight. Not sure I should be in the kitchen at all.

So. I can't give you a beautiful foodie post tonight, tempting your salivary glands. Not gonna happen.

I guess that's real life, eh? Don't fire me yet, though. I'll keep trying. After I give the oven a rest. And a pep talk.