Introducing: Zerihun

Zerihun, local Global Hope staff here in Ethiopia, told us his story the other night.

He has such a huge heart for the people of Ethiopia.
He shared with us stories of months away from home, being dropped off by helicopter to work in remote villages, and then his realization that community development and meeting basic needs is a crucial first-step in reaching the poorest of the poor.

He found out about Global Hope a few years ago and realized it was just the right fit.
From getting to know him over the past week, I'd say he's just the right man for the job. I'm so glad to know that Ethiopia is in very good hands.

Zerihun knows the languages. He knows the culture. He has diplomacy and a gentle spirit. He knows when to speak and when to hold his tongue. He is encouraging and cares deeply.

His heart is with Megaladi. And we are so thankful he's here.

To learn more about the village of Megaladi, click here. We are looking for 100 sponsors to commit to giving $12/month to fully fund the village. Megaladi would love to have you partner with them in this journey!