I am M.I.S.S.I.N.G. my camera. But I am getting more creative with my point and shoot.

I don't have hardly enough motivation to start gardening this year.

I about did a back flip when I got an email from someone from Pennsylvania who reads my blog. And likes it. =D

I love rolling up my jeans and donning flip flops. Today I did.

I usually don't procrastinate much. But when it comes to p**p, I wait and hope it will go away. Or someone else will take care of it.

I eat my kids Easter chocolate. And tell Peter it has peanuts in it. Most of it does.

I really really really like laying on my tummy in the fresh new soft springy green grass.

I'm snitching another piece of {healthy} cake leftover from our party last night.

I usually feel really tired and miserable after eating sugar. But I continue to do it anyway. :(

I left Jazzercise five minutes early because I remembered that I had left the oven on at 450 degrees with a loaf of bread inside. All other members of the family were outside, so they wouldn't have smelled the smoke. I tried not to drive to fast all the way home or worry too much. Everything was fine. Praise God.

I pinned my fang bangs up for part of the day. Sometimes they really bug me.
I enjoyed spending time with my kids today.
{not always the case! really. I know they're cute and all. but today was really cool.} 

I can accomplish WAY more between 7-11am than the whole rest of the day. I like an early start.

I like Mondays. Weird, eh?