{reallife} A Day. That's what it was.

It's sure been real lately.

Miscommunications with spouses. Difficult topics that don't get resolved.

Not knowing where the line is between "under-parenting" and "over-parenting". Thinking about sheltering and how much is too much and whether the stress of all the "nos" is really worth it. Which battles to fight?

Battles with the bedroom that take more than half the day to win. While the kids caused other problems in the background and had to pick up a whole bunch of Apples to Apples cards more than once after dumping them out and tossing them around the room. More than once.

The bedroom definitely lost the battle. It is alllll cleaned up and organized. Finally. I procrastinated on that one almost as long as I've waiting to get a haircut {6 months!!!}.

Tomorrow's the big day on that account. I'm still not sure about getting those things that rhyme with fangs. But I think I might. Maybe I'll sleep on it. And then worry about it all morning.

I'm sad about having to use only my point and shoot camera. I tried to get some fun video captures and do some vlogging yesterday, but it was an epic fail. We all know, OK -- I know I'm not better in person. Writing is what I do best. Well, in comparison to talking.

Speaking of writing -- here's a great piece to savor when you get a minute. One of my favorite reads from last month. I especially love #10: "What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Make sure it’s worthwhile."

Today's life was worthwhile. Not without its hiccups. And clicks {Peter has figured out how to click his tongue. It's an almost constant sound now.} And not without its huge piles of laundry to fold.

Today we made juice -- carrot, apple, spinach.
Here's what we didn't eat after drinking four cups of juice {between the three of us}.

Today we ate steamed jasmine rice and asparagus for lunch.

Today we went to the Humane Society for an outing. We had to get our cat/dog fix for the year. ;)

Today we stopped to see the baby chicks at the farm store.
Today I finished clipping this quilt. Time to wash and dry and sell!

And, of course, today we played outside in the mud with our friends. Like every day. It's becoming quite a tradition. :)

~thousands of gifts~
husbands who help fold clean laundry
when he gets dirt in his mouth and spits all over, trying to get it out
how he makes different notes with his clicking sound and tries to click a song
that I took the bedroom by storm and WON
fresh air smell, even though it is cccold
fun looking pile of books to be read
organized filing system
fabric waiting on the shelf
a coupon for a free pita at the Pita Pit
thinking about swimsuits
speeding through projects faster than ever
quilts on the wall
clean sheets
just done right stir fry
vegan recipes that work
his stare-down with a baby chick

What worthwhile things did you do today?