{serve} It Takes a Village

We've all heard the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child". The fundamental idea here is community -- a network of valued relationships supporting and providing for one another.

An African village is probably operating much closer to the original context of this proverb. Over here, our modern society separates and isolates. We're not embracing the village mentality. We're independent, doing it all on our own.
It's not always the most effective or efficient way to operate.

Global Hope Network International {GHNI}
is looking for small groups {church study groups, school classrooms, boy scout clubs, etc.} to partner with a village. It's important to focus on local ownership over there in Ethiopia -- making sure the village is on board with development projects and "owning their growth". And here -- there are groups forming with a united purpose, with a sense of ownership for their village.

It's all about connecting people. Creating community. Extending our reach.

It takes a village here to help a village there.

Would you come with me to Megaladi? Watch this 6 minute video introducing the village and its members?

Feel free to share this video with your network.

And if you have a small group who would like to partner with Megaladi and follow them as they journey through the TCD {Transformational Community Development} process toward self-sufficiency, find more information here.