dear peter, my now 5-year-old son

to the dearest little boy who made me a mama five years ago today

You were that beautiful little bundle of joy, filling my heart with song and changing my life forever. I had never experienced such interrupted sleep, such messes to clean up, such frustration that came with trying to feed you. You taught me how to be patient and self-sacrificing, and how to catch a cat nap in the middle of the day. There was nothing so sweet as your drunk with milk face, mouth slightly open, sound asleep.

You were a sweet sweet baby.

And now you are five. And building lego creations with abandon. And playing the piano by ear. And having lengthy phone conversations with your grandparents. You still loves tickles and cuddles and snuggling in with mommy for a story. You are sounding out words and can recognize over fifty sight words. The other kids in your preschool class think you are pretty fun, even though you don't really talk to them much. You rip around the neighborhood on your electric motorcycle and have become a really good sport in a water fight.

Baby, I think you're great.

I want you to know Jesus loves you. I want you to know how uniquely amazing you are, as is. I want you to discover your strengths, get plugged into things that you're good at and you enjoy, and I want you to taste success and thank God for it. I want you to be sensitive to others' needs. I want you to serve whenever you get the chance. I want you to listen to God's voice speaking to you through nature and mentors and friends and family. I want you to find peace in the simple life. I want you to always do your best. I want you to be ever thankful.

And I know you will.

You're five and sweet and thoughtful and conscientious and creative and so much more.

And even though you say your favorite color is pink and you seem to love macaroni and cheese and cake, 
I know you've got a fabulous start in life. 

Remember: God will be with you every single minute. And your mama loves you very very much.

Thank you for being my son.


Love, Mom