{inspire} favorites, shared

I've been collecting favorites online for a while now and thought it was high time I shared some with you. Sound fun?

1) First up, something for those of you interested in interest-led learning. 
Amanda Morgan asks in her article, "What are your kids passionate about and how do you encourage their discoveries?" 
Peter is passionate about legos and robotics. At this point, I'm giving him materials, time and space to create.

2) Jen, mother of four, all boys, all the same age{!}, shares a great list of read-alouds to start off the summer.
I'm thinking Farmer Boy would be great fun to read with Peter and Ezra.

3) Lisa-Jo shares her heart in her ebook, The Cheerleader for Tired Moms. It's comforting. I bet you'd like it.

4) I love breakfast with a hint of lemon. I haven't tried these yet, but tomorrow might be just the day. 
Don't they look yummy?

5) I really want my kids to be kind. I think this is a good idea. Check it out.