{roadtrip} Oregon Coast | Intro

And so off we go!

On an adventure. *cue PBS something-er-other* {is that from the Cat in the Hat?}

I pack sleeping bags and thermarests and two tents and car snacks and milk and yogurt in the cooler and enough Curious George DVDs for the week and toothbrushes and towels and his drawing pad and pen.

We've got Grandma's flight information.

And Ezra seems excited. He's asking me if I'm going to "Southeoka" and this time -- "can I come with you mommy?"
I say yes, of course. We're going somewhere together! "OKAY!" He's stoked.

Why do we road trip together?
We're stuck with each other -- it's a great bonding experience.
We get to see new things.
We will learn to love travel and be more aware of the big world we live in. 
We will creatively work through difficult situations. Together. 
We'll make memories.

Five days.
Four nights.
Four people.
Two kids.
Two tents.
One car.

And hopefully decent weather and fun adventures.

So, off we go! Come with us!!