{roadtrip} Oregon Coast | Part Two

Road tripping is hard work. I'm exhausted. I get some fulfillment from beating my personal record in the tent-taking-down-before-the-rain-hits competition. But I've been either bathing or driving or carrying or feeding or tent-upping or downing for the last two point seven five days and home is sounding mighty friendly. Give me a good book and a box full of Lego and we'll be a step closer to serenity.

Hard to get much closer to serene when you're driving through these woods though. If I could bottle up the fresh, cedar laden air and share it with you, I would. Oh, just take a deep breath. Incredible. And the quietness. Mmmmm.

We didn't make it to our anticipated trail-head, due to many many downed trees in the road. Well really just those two big ones with obvious car scrapes and oil spots from the last travelers. I took a look under our car and decided not to risk it. So we did a sixty-point turn and headed back down the mountain. But not without getting out to see the trillium up close and pick a bouquet of sheep sorrel {have you tasted it?}.

And make silly faces with pretend mustaches.
And play ring around the rosy.
And breathe that freshest ever air.
There are two kinds of beaches on the Oregon Coast. Probably more, but these are the two my tired little brain has decided on tonight.

There's the sandy beach...long and gradual descent to the ocean. Driftwood perhaps, grassy and duney hills behind. Fun for chasing waves, great for digging or hunting for things that have washed up on the sand.

And there's the rocky beach...with tide pools and sea stacks and maybe spouts and foam and crashing waves.

We visited both today. First the sand, then the rock. We made wedding cakes and played in the coolest driftwood shelters ever.
It was at the rocky beach that we decided to time our next visit before the lowest tide...so it's going out, not coming back in. It was a little un-nerving to be poking around in tide pools to see water rising quickly around you, flooding your exit points. We decided to leave the tide pools alone and dig in the sand. Actually, then it started to rain, so we decided to leave.

This is when our Oregon Coast vacation started to feel just a bit saturated. Like the sponge that just wouldn't accept any more water. It was time to drive a ways and find somewhere to squeeze out the sponge.
Don't you wanna roll up your pants all cool like us and play at the beach? :)