{serve} photo philanthropy part two

Did you read part one where I introduce my passion and this idea that I'm pursuing? 

Photo philanthropy. Taking pictures for a good cause and raising awareness for worthy organizations. Traveling the world to find stories that need to be told. Learning more about different non-profits and what impact they have in their circles. Blogging about hope.

We're gonna call it "philanthography". Brilliant, right? With a really great imagination you'll see the word blog in there too. See? OG?

When I tell people I'm going to Africa, or Guyana, the conversation can get a little awkward. {Maybe armed with my new awesome word it'll be easier.} I think it's because this style of blogging is new to many people. This style of "mission trip" is new to many people. If I said I was going to South America to build a church, people would probably feel much more comfortable chatting with me about it. Because we've done that for years. It's familiar.

Philanthography is edgy. Especially since we just coined the word today.

Over the last few years, I've followed Compassion bloggers on trips to Ecuador, the Philippines and Tanzania. There are lots of bloggers who use their talents for good. And they inspire me.

Want to see a few of my favorites?

First, I need to introduce you to someone. Her name is Keely.

Keely Scott, photographer for Compassion trips, is my hero. 
She gets the best shots. I love her style. 
screenshot of Keely's blog with some of my favorite images

Maggie, from GussySews, inspires me with her writing and heart-sharing ability.
She recently traveled to Tanzania with Compassion
She uses her blog as a platform for stories of hope. 
screenshot of Maggie's blog with a photo by Keely Scott

Sonja, from A Couple Cooks recently traveled with her husband to Cambodia.
They learned more about the Center for Global Impact and how girls are being rescued from modern day slavery.
They saw the lasting impact of teaching girls to cook and sew. They saw the hope.
They are using their blog to continue to support CGI.

screenshot of Sonja's blog, where she writes about The Daughter's Project

Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts and blogger at A Holy Experience.
She has been to Guatemala and Ecuador with Compassion International, writing passion.
screenshot from Ann's blog, that's her in the orange coat

This is just a sampling of incredible writers and photographers who are using their passion and God-given gifts for a bigger purpose.

There is actually a website called Photo Philanthropy that is dedicated to connecting photographers with non-profit organizations. I don't know much about them {just discovered the site today}, but I think the ideas are genius.
Read about this professional photographer's experience in Cambodia.

screenshot at photophilanthropy.org sharing images from Jason's trip to Cambodia

Watch this interview with Josh Meltzer sharing his insight about photographers working with non-profit organizations.
"Someone's gotta promote, visually, organizations that are doing all this good work." Josh Meltzer

Come back for part three in this series where I'll talk about the steps I've been taking to make this dream a reality and invite you to join me as I blog my next adventure!