Introducing Marisa from Beauty for Ashes

Welcome to this series -- all about moms! I'll be introducing five of my favorite blogging mommies and sharing with you how they are able to nurture themselves in the midst of raising their children. And sometimes working. And of course, keeping house. And being altogether awesome.

It's called "Just a Few Minutes for Mom". Glad you're here. :) 

Introducing Marisa -- creative photographer, mother, beautiful woman. She throws an amazing Lego party. Her photos always tell the story.

Let's hear what life is like for Marisa and what she does to nurture herself regularly:

What does your life look like right now? 
We have 3 sons at home with us: Noah, age 7, Mason, age 5, and Emmitt, age 20 months.  We also have a precious daughter, Maggie, waiting for us in Heaven.  We miss our sweet girl dearly.  I am grateful to stay home with my little men while my fabulous hubs works hard for our family.  I am passionate about photography, and this past year I've had the pleasure of capturing other family's sweet life moments in between documenting my own family.

What are your favorite parts of being a mom? 
I LOVE seeing when something clicks with my little ones.  I feel like a broken record most days as I try to instill and reiterate the important things for growing Godly gentlemen, and nothing blesses me more than sitting back and seeing them get it.  Those moments are validation that what I do all day is making a difference and sinking in.

What about motherhood is hardest for you?
Letting go has been incredibly challenging as a mother.  Little by little, my sons creep towards being more independent, and with that comes a lot of vulnerability and even more surrendering.  As much as I adore watching them grow into strong, capable young men, fear and worry often get the best of me.  I often find myself questioning whether or not we've made the right decisions as parents--everything from schools to media, discipline to dinner.  The only consolation I can rest in time and time again is that God's love and protection spans so much further than my own, and He carries my sons close to Him.

What is one thing you do regularly to nurture yourself as a mom?
Writing and photography have always been tremendous outlets for me, which has translated to the world of blogging the past few years.  Sorrow, joy, grief and gratitude create this place of common ground, and I have found such encouragement from hearing from other mama's that are also heart-deep in their own journey of motherhood, marriage or loss.  Our stories are powerful, and I think God can use them in incredible ways.  For me, writing often comes in the form of late (late) night writing sessions after the house is quiet and all are fast asleep.  Taking a bit of time (whenever it may fit in) to gather up my thoughts and reflect on photos I have snapped of an expression, an event or an everyday moment that seemed extraordinary in the midst of the mundane--that makes my heart overflow and gets me excited to wake up and do it all again.

Thank you for sharing your heart, Marisa! 

Next we'll hear from Stacy. Thanks for reading!