{snippet} be less responsible

What's on my night-stand window-sill right now? Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman.
I love her blog, Chatting at the Sky, and of course {because we seem to be kindred spirits} I love her book.
We're introverts, we try too hard, and we think we have to be responsible for everything.
I've said to my husband more than once, "someone's gotta be the mature and responsible one!"
You knew he'd disagree with me, right?

But I have realized, through the efficient grinding of marriage and parenthood, that I take responsibility too far. Read a bit of what Emily says in chapter seven entitled "can't fall apart":
"I can't remember a time when I didn't feel responsible. I was responsible to be right. I was responsible to look good. I was responsible to have it all together. I was responsible for being responsible. Just now at the coffee shop, the barista asked if I would like my chocolate chip cookie heated up. And I did. But I said no because I felt responsible for the extra work it would take for her to do so."

"I walk into a room and if someone has a scowl on their face, I think I have to fix it. If people in my family aren't getting along, I feel the weight of it and believe it is my job to do something about it. But it's double-edged, this weight of responsibility. For all the times I rush around, both physically and mentally, trying to fix and influence the people and circumstances around me, I simultaneously feel resentful that I am the one to manage it all. Why doesn't anyone else fix this? Why do I have to be the one?"
So I'm practicing letting things go. Letting myself go. Actually letting other people be responsible and help me out. Maybe you're not like me {imagine that!}. Maybe you're working on different things in life. But thanks for listening to me learn. :)

//just a quick snippet from moi//