homemade orange creamsicles and popsicle roundup

Our version of frozen popsicle goodness is probably as easy as they come.

Orange juice concentrate + honey yogurt + water. Insert stick. Freeze.

These remind me of my childhood. Part because I used to love love love orange creamsicles when the ice cream truck would drive by. Part because my mom made them at home for me with just these same ingredients.
They've become part of the boys steady summer diet. Really, not much different than a bowl of yogurt and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. I'm OK with it. :)

Homemade Orange Creamsicles
a family recipe, of sorts

1 can orange juice concentrate
fill the orange can with water once
about 2 cups of honey greek yogurt, or until mixture is creamy

Mix together until clumps disappear. Pour into molds. Freeze.

Want some more inspiration for frozen goodness?

Here are some combo ideas from this month's Parents Magazine:
purple peach -- grape juice and thinly sliced peaches
cupcake -- sprinkles in cupcake wrappers, nutella on the bottom and then a layer of banana yogurt
buried treasure -- yogurt and chopped berries
lemonade -- frozen lemonade!
mellow melon -- pureed cantaloupe, by itself? or with some yogurt? hmm

And some of my favorites from around the web:
from Shivaya Naturals -- black raspberry, cocoa powder, avocado, honey, and yogurt
from Good Life Eats -- pomegranate, raspberry and nectarine
from The Little Red House -- coconut almond fudgesicles
from A Cup of Jo -- avocado or blackberry with greek yogurt

What is your favorite frozen concoction on a stick?