{reallife} not sure what to call this one

I feel like, as a person who blogs, I need to be positive, encouraging, entertaining, interesting, cute, and funny. All the time. But since my blog is branded "this is real life", I also expect myself to be honest, transparent, and downright real.

What a lot to live up to. 

The fabric I cut into squares on Friday.

And I keep raising the bar for myself until I feel like it's impossible to jump over and I just don't have the time or the energy or the positive words or the braveness to tell it all just like it is...and the space lies empty for days.

True story.

And always that question of whether I do it for others or for me. I think both, but it needs to stay in that carefully carved out area of time appropriateness. Someone could probably write a book called Blogging With Boundaries.

So today there were things I needed to be flexible about. There was a tired husband, which is always extra hard on the weekend {you know, the whole working seven days a week thing that mothers do?}. There were canceled plans and new spontaneous plans, which always throws me for a little loop.

We spent Monday afternoon at the pool. It was fun.

I could post some sketches entitled "this is not me floating on the lake in an inner tube" and "this is not the campfire we roasted marshmallows over". I didn't take pictures today.

I did, however, teach a very lively group of 2-4 year olds this morning, buzzing around the room like a mosquito and telling them the abbreviated story of Samuel and Eli while we sat on a quilt in the giant tent. That probably would have made for a cute picture.

I spent most of the week, actually, getting the camping program ready for today. For at least two days we were extremely unbalanced and grumpified because of it. And I do this every three months. But the results are super fun and rewarding.

Life may never be perfectly balanced. There will be days of following schedules and doing all the things we wanted to do. But there are plenty of days that don't go according to plan. I suppose that's OK.

The popsicles I made this week two times that the boys have enjoyed.

As I age/mature, I start to realize that giving myself slack is necessary. I'm trying to loosen up about meeting all the standards I have for myself in my head. I hear other mothers saying wise things and I imagine myself being that cool one day. Really, I'm just a young, over-ambitious pip-squeak with a lot to learn. 

And Rome wasn't build in a day.

I just think I'll take the next ten years to wisen up, how bout that? Will you be patient with me while I do that? Thanks.

I'm being patient with this little guy as he matures too.