{reallife} everyone's needs

So about half way through tonight's bedtime story the little curly-haired one decides he's not gonna wait any longer for sleepy time. "I'm going to bed," he declares and pulls the blankets up to his eyelids. "Goodnight, Ezra" I say and continue reading Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping to the big brother. A few minutes later he sits up and says, rather emphatically, "don't make any noise!"

Aha. Right sir. What happened to the boy who used to cry "I don't like sleeeeping!" at bedtime? What a cutie. I won't begrudge this phase.
Tim and I finally had a chance to sit down on the couch together {big collective sigh} and watch a borrowed movie we've been looking forward to for a while. It didn't disappoint although I really enjoyed the book better, mostly for its details. It would be impossible to take those pages of vivid word pictures and sensory images and translate them all to the screen. The producers really did their best to capture the essence of it and tell the story. It was priceless to see the actresses and their facial expressions. Better than I even imagined in my mind while reading it. I LOVED the movie.

And you know, it made me realize how little time I get in this life with boys to really consider how I feel. To let my emotions show and be mirrored. To clear out the tear ducts. To connect on a deeper level. There's something to be said for a good book or movie and its ability to reach down into my heart, pull me toward something greater and get my pulse beating more in sync with my family.

Cause you know how a good movie will make you hold your children tighter. A couple hours without them doesn't hurt either. My arms couldn't wait to hug those little guys after just over two hours apart.

Amazing after the tumultuous grocery shopping trip we endured together this morning. Yes, they are cute, random adoring fan in the store. Yes, they have been listening poorly lately. Yes, I'm smiling through gritted teeth.
Our lives have been bordering on hectic lately, which is why we decided to take the weekend off and try to relax. The lake was mostly quiet and peaceful, but gave birth to two damaged tires which made Monday quite a marathon.

I organized the pantry and spice cupboard, fridge and freezer, which leaves me feeling quite a bit more at peace in the kitchen. Just give me a sappy movie and some time to organize....yeah, they don't really get it.

They DO like playing in the dirt and pretending they have really big hairy mustaches and trying to lift really really heavy things.
But they like to bring me flowers. And Ezra says so sweetly "I love you too, Mommy" right before lights out. And daddy says "awwwww" when he hears tears in my voice. They are sweet sweet boys.
You know that crazy balance between feeling like your own needs are met and meeting your children's needs and husband's needs too? Yep. CRAZY. Don't know if I'm ever gonna figure it all out. Seems like someone's always getting left out somehow.

Awareness of the needs is crucial. I think we're making progress in that department. Then for the game plan. But I'm feeling better prepared with clean tear ducts and sleepy-at-the-end-of-the-day children.