words with friends

I've been back in that place where I have too many projects going on all at the same time. {sheepish grin} I think I'm getting better at balancing out a day though...not doing one thing all day until I'm finished AND super duper tired of it.

picaboo. quilts. lesson planning. sidebar ads. etsy shop. organizing.

I sewed for an hour or so yesterday. And practiced with the praise team {playing piano, yay!}. And worked on the next quarter's lesson plans for Cradle Roll. And read a little bit of 7. And made granola. And watched the kids do crazy upside-down tricks at the park.

A little of everything seems to help.

Have you seen the intro video for Bloom's latest book? I'm reading chapter one and while I'm not ready to start eating only seven foods, I totally get the motivation behind Jen's book and I love her sense of humor. It's a fun read.

This is what our table looked like this morning. What is it about my kids liking the expensive snacks?
Can we talk about potty training for a minute? You know, it could be so so much worse. But I'm just done. I don't know how some moms do this four or five times. My patience for bodily fluids and not so fluids is pretty low at this point. Peter went from diapers to underwear in only a couple weeks without too many mishaps. Ezra is fine as long as he's naked {and you know how the neighbors love that}. But then there's something to play with and mommy saying "hands on your head" and out come the underwear again. But can you pull down your underwear first, buddy!! Oh. man. He'll learn. I just need to take some deep breaths.

I'm excited about the Etsy shops showing up on my sidebar {see them over there? Charlie's Place and Smiling Tree Toys?}. Take a look and see what they have to offer! We're in an experimental phase with advertising on the blog. I'm hoping these shops will have items that interest you. I'm hoping they will get traffic and sales. And with good results, I'll then be able to charge a monthly fee for shops to advertise here on this space. Win win!

I've been whipping up a cute little pink and aqua quilt for my shop in my spare minutes here and there.
It's so nice to see pink once in awhile. :)
And me and my five-year-old are doing just a bit of school every other day or so. Sight words, shape recognition, number sentences, conversational Spanish, Amelia Bedelia, creation and the big big world, how clouds form, etc. A wild blend of interest-led learning, literature-based and drill and practice. And in a few weeks, he'll be on campus, doing unit-study kindergarten work two days a week. I think it'll be just right for us and I'm excited.

I'm also excited about this photo that I edited to be B&W. Love it. Love him. :)