{reallife} just be awesome

I just finished scraping smashed dried fruit pieces off the floor with my fingernails and trying to scrub glitter glue off the table. Ouch.

The floor is clean. The table is not. >>What was I thinking, letting them make puddles of glitter glue everywhere?<<

I doubt I'll be doing these kinds of things in ten years, so I better enjoy them now, right?

The boys in this house successfully survived another monthly cycle with mommy. This one being harder on the little boys since the big boy was out of town. After a huge cry and exasperated meltdown, I explained to Peter how I only have so much patience and how his and his brother's behavior sometimes make the patience-o-meter dip down pretty low. I think he better understands how to better handle times like this in the future. Be nice to mama. They have been. :) 

The last few days have been all kinds of awesome. We spent almost three hours playing outside with our friends J&B on Friday -- watching dandelions and grass and clover float under the bridge and out the other side, rolling down freshly mown grassy slopes, a fox and goose chase {although Peter wanted to add new rules making it Fox and Goose 2000}, building stick teepee fires inside a real teepee, and leaves turned remotes to start and stop your running friend. It was really really fun. I love watching my boys immersed in nature and pretend play and reaping all the rich rewards.
Sabbath evening was family music jam with mommy on the piano, daddy on the recorder or percussive instruments, and Peter and Ezra randomly hitting drums, tambourines, and xylophones. It was a blast.

Peter is awesome. He sings. El canta. {We're learning some Spanish around here}. He tries to sing harmony. Sometimes he hits just the right notes.

He's awesome. Did I already say that?

Today there was a little peer pressure going on between friends {you know, something like..."why are you doing that? that's boring!"} and then after more prodding and interrogating, this friend starts saying things like "he admitted it was boring, but he's still doing it" and "why does he want to do something that is boring?" MAD MAMA. Mad mama uses this as a teachable moment. Basically, Peter is too engrossed in his lego robotics videos to really care, which I'm thankful for, but later I say to him,

"Don't let anyone steal your awesome, k son?" Cause that's just not right.

It's a life lesson -- explore what you love, do what you love, get good at what you love, don't let anyone take that away from you. You don't need to care what they think.
Sunday morning saw us riding over to the BMX track for a little test drive. Buzzra hadn't been there with his strider bike before and we weren't sure if Peter was ready for the hills on his pedal bike. But they both did great! The little one was bold and giggly and back on the horse after every fall. He did not want to stop riding! Eventually, we all collapsed into a pile in the shade.

Then there were tickles. Many many tickles. I just love this family of ours. We have the best times. :)
Everyone is a different brand -- a unique mix of style, interests, talents, opinions, personality and favorite things.

YOU are the best you. So go be awesome!