{words with friends} self care

I got a bang trim from my hairdresser. And a moisturizing mask.
I turned up the heat to 62 {we're doing a no-heat challenge this month}.
I shaved my legs one leg.
I emailed my husband and a good friend.
I made an appointment with my doctor to get blood work done.
I'm researching best sources of protein for vegetarians.
I got up early Sunday morning for a nice walk alone.

Because as much as I try to tell myself otherwise, martyrs don't make anyone happy. Least of all themselves.

I have been trapped by these words: sacrifice, frugality, performance. I have been pessimistic, saying yes out of guilt, and putting my needs at the bottom of the list. That must change.

I'm so thankful for other bloggers who are speaking exactly the truth I've been needing to hear lately. Both Rachel and Tsh have been preaching INTENTION which is so timely. I love the idea, but lately have been falling away from good habits, mostly due to burnout and exhaustion. It's hard to do the right thing when your motivation has bottomed out. But doing the right things, one at a time, will bring me back to the woman I want to be. 

"Intentionality is this stepping back, this opening of our hearts that allows us to embrace the present, learn from the past, and plan for the future." Rachel from Finding Joy

"I get lost in the liturgy of life when my focus shifts from being a person with intentional purpose to a checker of to-do lists." Tsh from Simple Mom

I also had my dental cleaning this week. In the waiting room, I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens and read an article about the impact of certain practices on our life. I scanned it quickly, liked what I saw and jotted some notes on the back of a receipt. >>Exercise, fresh produce, friends, good books, nature, vacations and the amazing effect they will have in a life.<< Most of these are only included in our lives through INTENTION. 

All thanks goes to my dear mom and dad who have given me precious time to think this week.

Goals with Intention: 
Pull out my camera more, even in the simple everyday moments.
Exercise with my kids. Just get on the right clothes and go.
Get back to counting our gifts. Every day.
Make seasonal bucket lists.
Take care of my body. Regularly.

What do you need to be more intentional about?