{dear you} blessed quiet and routine

Peter has discovered that he is really funny. He can make babies laugh, little girls just turned two giggle, bigger girls laugh at him laughing...

He says, "Mom, I'm a laugher."

And this weekend he met his soul mate. Some of our good friends from college days who now have two kids of their own just like us came to our town to visit family and were able to come spend an afternoon with us. And not five minutes after she comes into our house and sits on the couch, Peter is there beside her on the couch, smiling and laughing and she says "tofurky" and they belly laugh and his eyes sparkle and he's just found his new best friend.

They laugh and tease and she finds his laughing button and later he tells me "Mom, she's so nice. We're the silly people. We're cute together."

That's what happens on these four day weekends when we're baking cookies and singing silly songs together and trying to get that tall tree to stand straight. We laughed with friends, ate so much delicious food, made snowy memories, and then sent to bed early Sunday night and drowned our happy hangover in an episode of Survivor.

Blessed holidays.
Even more blessed Monday morning quiet and routine.

Peter was happy to return to school this morning. Ezra was happy to play with Legos alone. And I'm listening to Watermark and enjoying a slow slow pace before I tackle the dishes and mop the floor and cut into some more fabric for Christmas quilts.

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Do something soothing today. :)