{dear you}

I get withdrawals when I don't blog often enough. However often I think that should be.
I have six posts in some sort of unfinished state, all wishing to be published.
Blogging and quilting are my therapy. Without them, I start to feel edgy. 
I feel edgy when my house is a mess too. And on a bad hair day. And when I have to deal with too much poop.

It makes for one tired mama who is spending most of her day washing and clothing and feeding and teaching and refereeing and playing and doing all the things a good mama should do...in addition to trying to meet my own needs for a clean house, cute hair, updated blog and fabric time.

This week has been birthday parties and playdates and ice skating and making two batches of muffins because the first batch lacked sugar and fabric cutting and trying to decompress after a super-social four day weekend and brainstorming preschool activities with a friend and decorating the tree and teaching him about the tens place and reading Charlotte's Web and building marble runs with five launchers and making butternut squash mac n'cheese and riding the BMX track and doing a thousand loads of laundry and watching Cool Runnings on a date with my husband and playing a super fun car racing game on the phone.

It's a lot of fun stuff. I like it all. Perhaps in smaller doses. With regular sanity breaks.

Dear you. Please understand. :)

Remember, it's OK for mommy to have needs.