{dear you}

I feel the need to chatter a bit more here in this space. Not to ramble on and on nonsensically, but to meaningfully encapsulate thoughts and share feelings and get above and beyond the scheduled posts. As much as I love a good schedule.

I just want to talk to you.

Today was good. I'm learning the fine art of writing less on my to do list and doing the hardest tasks first and taking breaks to look at inspirational and beautiful things online and all the while listening to soothing music. Really, the music has been a game changer around here. Kids become more wrapped up in their imaginative play. Mommy feels more human and definitely more calm. Guess what? I'm listening to big person music. {I love the kids tunes too, but wow, what fun to listen to something I like!} Today's Pandora station: Katie Herzig. :) 

Today was making play dough and buying birthday presents and getting cross country ski bindings in the mail and Ezra falling asleep on the couch and sweeping but not mopping {again} and butternut squash soup and sneaking another almond butter cup and dipping pita bread in hummus and singing This Is My Father's World and long five year old hugs and pinning vegan recipes and whiskery kisses {cause you know it's Movember, right?} and no time to work on the quilt and thinking about handmade Christmas presents and a quick load of laundry that is still in the dryer and teaching him about odd and even numbers and them being so good in the grocery store.

Peter said to Ezra who was making loud shopping cart motor noises, "just don't be so loud!"

And I think I could have pinned even more recipes from Post Punk Kitchen -- did you see the pie and the snickerdoodles?

I feel like finally, finally I'm becoming me. These things are important:
      Knowing what you like and what you are good at.
      Knowing you're unique and that's just fine.
      Having quirks and being proud of them.

I'm almost thirty and just now getting my ducks in a row. Think how much more fun college would have been if I knew then what I know now?

Aaaah. And the realization that my spiritual life is less about defined lines and more about a relationship? This is all coming into perspective for me too. I read Ann Voskamp's post tonight and loved what she said on this topic:
"We want clarity — and God gives a call. We want a road map — and God gives a relationship.
We want answers — and God gives His hand.
We need the person of God more than we need the plan for our life."
Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience
I wish I could log in to instagram.com but I can't for the life of me remember my password and even when I get the link to reset my password and try again, it doesn't work. Too bad. I took some super cute photos with my phone this week.
Not as many with my big girl camera. Resolve to do better with that next week.

My eyelids are drooping. Time for a warm shower and a good book under my down duvet.

I'll leave you with a great link from smallanchors.com -- 20 Mom and Son Date Ideas. Cause I sure do love my boys and they are fun to hang out with. :)

Remember to live on purpose...