{reallife} tired even with the extra hour

Oh my poor tired Ezra. 
He said to me tonight as I ran my fingers through his soft curly hair, "I'm very tired. Please go away mommy." :) 
With a very sweet voice. My baby just needed some shut-eye. 
The time change mixed with the excitement of putting up lights really did a number on his attitude today.
He didn't even have the energy for much BMXing. He calls it the "mex track".
Here are some photos from the last few days. Ezra loves to vacuum for me! 
We did some big reorganizing and cleaning in the school room this weekend.
It looks so much better now {photo below was taken before the cleansing}. 

Other highlights: daddy's muffins, carrot juice, the new scribbling book for Peter
and his new BEST TOY EVER -- the Lego education kit.
Ezra has been saying lately: "what is that in the whole wide world?"
Peter has been building with gears and making daddy proud.

And the leaves have been falling all around. 
And it's all good. Real life, folks. Nothing too profound. 
That is all. 
G'night. :)