Bring Love In

I may have mentioned Levi's book to you while I was reading it last month. No Greater Love is his family's story of listening to a call to help in rescue children from a tribe who still believe in a superstition called "mingi" and will kill babies and even older children who are found to not meet certain requirements. One of these is that parents must let a tribe leader know that they plan to conceive. Surprise babies are considered a curse to the tribe and must be killed.

Levi came on the scene as an orphanage was being set up to rescue and care for these children who would have otherwise been killed.

The story is grippingly honest, telling the facts as well as the emotions involved in trying to adjust to a new way of life and to help in a very difficult cultural situation.

The book ends just as their new ministry beings -- Bring Love In. The God-breathed idea of matching up widows needing meaning and sustenance with orphans needing care and provision.

It is incredible.

At this time, seven forever homes have been formed with 6-8 children in each home. All seven of these homes are fully funded at this time, meaning the new mothers have money for rent, education, food, electricity, medical expenses, etc.

Bring Love In isn't going to stop there. They have found 50 families so close to severe poverty that they would not be able to take care of their children and would be forced to give them up. This program is preventing the orphan problem and Keeping Them Home. It's as easy as providing money to keep the kids in school, pay for medical expenses, and make ends meet. Not creating dependency, just easing the struggle while they get back on their feet.

I just love this ministry. I love reading their blog. I love seeing the photos and videos. I love how they operate. I would love to visit them one day. I'll certainly continue to support their efforts from afar.

I wanted to tell you that you can give a one-time gift this Christmas -- a donation to Bring Love In in someone else's name! And you will get this cool card in the mail to pass on to your friend or family member.

Let your Christmas be all about what you can do for Christ!