how to dress your kids for snow play

Two rules for winter weather play:
1} check the weather
2} dress for success

If it's above freezing, you're gonna get wet. If it's windy, the wind chill will burn their little cheeks. Sideways snow = not as much fun.

Save the bravado for when you take the ambitious youth group snow camping. With kids, friendly weather will make for the best memories.

The right clothing is essential.
Polyester blend base and middle layers {no cotton}, water and wind proof outer layers, warm insulated boots.

Don't stress about getting out of sight of the car, just angle your pictures so it looks like you did. Take your time, sit down and throw some snow around. Be silly. Stomp out mazes in the snow for the little ones to follow.

Just have fun. Soon they'll be asking for more trips to the snow.

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