{inspire} violet and other wintery loves

Have you seen the Violet Magazine yet? BEAUTIFUL. Click here to view the Winter issue.
The photography, the recipes, the ideas, the simplicity of it all -- it's just my style. :)

I love their ideas for embracing the winter season: 
1) reconnecting with old friends 
     {with an email or phone call...something more meaningful than Facebook}
2) moisturizing that dry skin
3) finding someone to bless
4) making your house smell wonderful with simmering cinnamon and orange peel 

I love this scarf -- a pop of color against her dark sweater.
The cream sweater on page 68 is beautiful too.

There are super cute natural gift wrapping ideas.

An interesting article on a personal juice cleansing experience.

And I love the focus on giving the gift of shared experiences.
Quality time and meaningful memories.
Gifts that last longer than a box of chocolates.
Think concert tickets, an online class, a membership, coupons for time together...

Speaking of gifts, here are some other people who have inspired me to give gifts that really matter:
Ann Voskamp -- 7 Ways to Have More Grateful Kids This Christmas
Katherine Maries -- 52 Random Acts of Kindness
Simple Bites -- 20 Favorite Edible Gifts
Rachel Martin -- 10 Simple Ways to Bless Your Children
Let's Explore -- A Year of Dates

You've probably heard it elsewhere -- something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. 
Basically, it's about making gifts worthwhile and lasting.

Our gift-giving is going to be very simple this year...stockings with treats and small toys, handmade quilts, learning materials and books that we'd buy anyway and edible treats.

Another fun idea is to donate to organizations in someone else's name and give them a card saying that you did! Check out Bring Love In, an organization helping orphans in Ethiopia, and read Levi's blog post about donating as a gift for someone!

And to finish up, just some of my favorite winter pretties:
fabric strip wreath by garden mama // gratefulness chalkboard by the creative mama
simple gift wrapping by kelle hampton // peppermint bark by the little red house

Happy season of giving and general merry making to you! Make it matter. :)