our holidays

I have finally realized {hah!} that I won't be able to keep posting ALL my best photos here. What an epiphany. I'm gonna try to make each post shorter and to the point, with interesting blurps about what we do and who we are. Not a giant pile of awesome, just a little pile. ;)

You know we love the snow, right? Two visits in the last four days ought to prove that. Both visits were snowy and blowy, so the kids trenched up and did some digging. Today's trip {photos at the end of this post} was much more blowy and we didn't stay nearly as long.

Rollerblading!! He likes it better than ice skating at this point. I'm excited. :) Don't worry, I'll keep trying to get him on the ice.
You know this daddy had to wrap up his son in Christmas lights. What else would they do for fun? Oh -- make a stellar gingerbread a-frame, perhaps? Yes, that too. Although the roof/walls cracked and gave way while we were decorating it.

No worries, honey. We're just thankful you're an electrical engineer.
I found this so so cool idea on someone's blog {totally can't find it now, whoops}! I just used fabric scraps from my rag quilts and tied them to a coat hanger! I'll be keeping this around for a few years, I think. :)
My second pinterest-inspired craft of the season. So glad these worked! I found sweaters at Goodwill and cut out the stocking shape, sewed them right sides together, flipped inside out and then added some ribbon or a top hem if needed. Really not too hard! I think the flannel one is my favorite.
And oh my goodness, did we ever make a candy house this year. You know we hardly EVER give our kids candy? Like never. And for some reason we thought this would be fun. It started out with "choose five pieces of candy to eat later" and ended up with Ezra and his five candy buckets hiding under the table. Later that evening Peter was still slipping jelly beans into his mouth that he had slid into his pocket. Wowie.

Next year? Healthy version. I know, I said that this year too. I got out-voted.
We had to get on the snowman pizza train too. It looked better than it tasted.
And what did we decide to do on Christmas Day but go back to the snow? Of course. It was very ccccold and wwwwindy. We dug ourselves a shelter while the biggest boys tried to go sledding. There was too much fresh powder to build up any speed.

So, we didn't play in the snow for very long. And we spent half of our day driving slowly on very treacherous roads. With happy kids who were able to watch their new Curious George DVD. It's all good. Driving gives mommy and daddy time to talk.
Not pictured: a ridiculously fun session of balloon swatting {you blow up those little water balloons, place them inside someone's pants and...well, you know...and then it pops and everyone laughs!}, an equally silly instrument jam session with jingle bells shaking in hands and mouths, and CRAZY crokinole where everyone shoots at the same time.

I didn't put those on my winter bucket list. They just, sort-of, happened. This is a slightly crazy family we're talking about. With heaps of energy.

Merry Christmas, y'all. And to all a good night.