{reallife} a LOT of girlfriends

The thought crossed my mind the other day that I'm not living with little boys anymore. These boys are getting louder and crazier every day. And now they sing songs about girlfriends.

Yeah, that made my ears perk up. He comes running past me singing about how he has a lot of girlfriends {which, of course, is probably better than just one}. When I quizzed him about it, he listed them all off one by one, friends from school, friends he just met, friends from that birthday party we went to, friends from a long time ago. He has a LOT of girlfriends.

He's always played well with girls. Girls are fun. He plays with boys too. I'm not worried about him.

But what was genuinely funny was the conversation we had on our way home from playing in the snow today.

Daddy: "Peter, do you know how a daddy picks out a mommy?"
Peter: "Excuse me?" {that's been his catch phrase lately}
Daddy: "Well, there is a special day your last year in college where the boys all go over to the girls' dorm and take a good look at all the girls. When they find one they like, they say 'I pick you!' and the girl has to go with him. Or he'll just throw her over his shoulder."

{seriously, this daddy can tease}

Of course, Peter doesn't fall for this and so daddy begins the saga of first date, dating other girls, finding your best friend, asking her to marry you, the wedding {CAKE!!} and then as daddy proceeds onward to What Happens After The Wedding, Peter interrupts with "can I watch the rest of my DVD now?" HAH! And daddy says, "but Peter, I was going to tell you about the birds and the bees!!"

With a daddy like they've got, they'll turn out just fine.
They do love a good piece of machinery to inspect. This time, Peter thought he knew all about it {maybe he does, sad thing is I don't know!} and very carefully taught his little brother all about the pump and the air compressor and the valves and the buttons. He read the word water on the cover and lifted it so Ezra could see inside.
And what is a great nature hike without wetting your pants because you couldn't pull them down fast enough? I just love this guy.
He's not pulling his hat down in embarrassment, by the way. Just being silly. And I won't show it to future girlfriends... ;)