Twas the silliest day of Christmas

We wrote our own creative version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I'll type out the twelfth day and you can imagine the rest. :)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my mommy gave to me
A freqency shift keyed superheterodyne receiver
A fun book of mazes
Ten bowls of yogurt!!!
Tickles from my daddy
Eight sets of Lego
Seven hugs and kisses
Six candy canes
Five golden doorknobs!!
Four mini-pizzas
Three pairs of socks
Two light-up clocks
And a kiss from the Christmas tree

What the kids got in their stockings:
silly string
chocolate wafers
washi tape
papaya spears
yogurt covered pretzels
modeling clay
Curious George DVD

We've been having too much fun! And now we're headed back to the snow for some more. I'll share pictures of Ezra all wrapped up in Christmas lights, our gingerbread house, my upcycled stockings and fabric wreath, and snowshoe love. Soon. :)

Merry Christmas to all and have fun with those you love!