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travel photography tips from simple as that // brilliant learning games from Jennifer
ways to travel cheap from headed somewhere // ways to build confidence from headed somewhere

joythebaker with many many juicing recipes // sheena with one of her favorites

Inspirational Reads: 
why its ok to admit that you're a bit of a mess at 5 minutes for faith
please don't help my kids by katie baker

Parenting Poetry: 
RX by sarah dunning park
It hit me,
helping my listless kid into the backseat
and then reaching, tissue in hand,
to swipe at her sister’s runny nose:
It’s impossible to stop.

Her incessant stuffiness, yes,
and that junky cough that won’t quit—
but even more, it’s impossible to stop
this cycle of constant motion.
read the rest at simple mom

Piano Guys Love:

"I walk like my being on time or getting whatever it is done does not make me more or less loved.
I am whole because of Christ.
I can walk slow because I am enough."