{dear ezra} my little snuggler

Dear Ezra,

You are super cool. And it's about time you got a little note from your mama. You are my fast-growing-up baby with the spunkiest personality and the softest hair. Sometimes I let you get away with silly things {like sneaking food out of the pantry early in the morning}, cause I know they make you happy. You have the best faces, the tightest hugs, the cutest laugh.

I took you fabric shopping with me the other day and you were fun to shop with!! You were patient. You showed interest in fabric options. You played hide and seek with the cutting counter ladies. You snuggled up to the aisle of cuddle fabrics and minkey, so delighted. You love feeling soft things and cuddling up on my lap for a story. You are a feeler.

You like squishy mud. You like making dust in the air. You'd play in the sink more often if I'd let you.

Remote controls and you are best buds. You so so often want me to remote you or your Lego airplanes. Lately, the garage door opener button is your favorite. You have to be the one to open and close the door whenever we go somewhere.

You love Taco Bell. You get instantly hungry whenever we happen to drive by.

You're quick to yell and hit, it's true. You have a strong personality. But you also love deeply, usually expressed with physical touch.

You jumped off the diving board into the pool last week. You're brave.

You're my little cuddle bug and smiley ray of sunshine. I love you to the moon and back.

Your Mama :)