{faith} honey, where are the kids?

Our pastor gave an illustration a couple weeks ago that made me smile and write some notes on my bulletin. He painted the picture of parents who finally get some time to themselves -- a weekend away or just an afternoon date. The first few hours are glorious with great conversation and laughter and then she glances into the backseat of the car to check on them and he takes the Disney CD out of the player and they exchange that look that says, "yeah, we kinda miss them."

They drive us NUTS, but yet, we do begin to miss them when they're not around.

We probably drive God nuts, in a way, but He still really wants to be with us. Regardless.

We are His creation, made in His image. He didn't stop at that though -- now we are His redeemed ones, rescued through ultimate sacrifice. We're pretty important to Him.

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